Brisbane Narrow and Small Lot Building Rules

Brisbane Narrow and Small Lot Building Rules
April 18, 2019 Blake
Brisbane Narrow and Small Lot Building Rules

New homes built on small lots are becoming increasingly popular in Brisbane.

New homes built on small lots are becoming increasingly popular as Brisbane land prices increase, and the demand for low maintenance properties grows.

Brisbane Narrow and Small Lot Building Rules apply to all new home builds and renovations on land defined a ‘small lot’.

With the Council allowing blocks down to 300m² in some areas that obviously have a lower price point, we’re seeing people rushing to put full size homes on these small blocks so they can break into a great suburb with a great home for a lot less.

If your Brisbane property or land is a ‘small lot’, the Brisbane City Council small lot code outlines the requirements that you will need to adhere to if you wish to renovate or build a new house. It is important to understand the rules before you commence work on your plans. Designing a house outside of the Small Lot Code requirements will mean that you may require a Town Planning Application.

Make sure you engage a designer and builder who are familiar with the small lot rules, so they can assist in the process, guide you through the code, and liaise directly with Council on your behalf. This will ensure you get the best outcome so you have a fast approval process without unnecessary costs.

Definition of a Small Lot

Brisbane City Council defines a ‘small lot’ as:

  • An area less than 450m²
  • An area less than 600m² (excluding the driveway) if a rear lot or ‘battle-axe’ lot.

Most of the splitter blocks you see around town fit into this category.

General Requirements

Brisbane City Council small lot code

Small lot houses are obliged to comply with the Brisbane City Council Small Lot Code.

Generally, all small lot houses are required to comply with the Dwelling House (small lot) code.

The small lot code outlines requirements, including:

  • Development is contained with a defined building envelope, which specifies requirements for the height (not just of the house but also the eves, setbacks of the dwelling, and outcomes for built to boundary walls
  • The site coverage of buildings and structures on the lot
  • Car parking requirements
  • Building length cannot exceed 25m total
  • Windows and balconies will need to be screened in accordance with the code
  • The driveway access/crossover will need to be 4m (maximum).

Do I Need Council Approval For A Small Lot Development?

In most instances, if you are planning to build or renovate on an existing or newly created small lot, you do not need to submit a Council development application if you follow some basic design requirements but check your block for ‘Character Overlays’ on Council’s Planning and Development Online website. Building within these Character Overlays may mean that a Town Planning application is required.

Your designer and builder can provide advice on whether an application is required and can help you through the process. You can also phone Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888 for town planning advice on Small Lot rules.

Clever Small House Lot Designs

Engage a builder who can design and build a quality small lot house.

Small lot builds and renovations require clever solutions to ensure privacy, ‘flow’ through the house, maximum natural lighting and adequate parking and storage.

House designs for small blocks require knowledge of the Small Lot code and planning requirements, so engaging a knowledgeable and experienced small lot house builder will ensure your small lot project runs smoothly and you create a house you’ll love.

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