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Transform your existing house into a modern, functional and stylish home with a seamless renovation.

Have you dreamt of updating, restoring or renovating your home? With LanCon your dream can become a reality. No matter what type of build, no matter how big or small the project, LanCon will work with you to help you bring the magic back to your home through seamless renovation.


Renovation Projects

Affordable Home Transformations

Renovating on a Budget

Renovating your home does not have to be expensive. Whether you’re trying to update and renovate a house to get it ready to sell, or to make it a more comfortable place to live, we’ll work with you to seamlessly transform your home without breaking the bank. By undertaking both the design and construction aspects of your renovation, we can eliminate surprise budget blow-outs and ensure that your renovation is a stress-free solution.

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“The quality of the workmanship of our home is excellent and is a reflection of the commitment of everyone within LanCon Qld to build homes to a very high standard.”

Chris and Julie Rolls

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From site investigation to build completion

Our Process

Every house is different, which means your home needs to be assessed individually. We’ll work with you to establish how to extend or renovate your home and keep the costs under control. From keeping consistency with a roof pitch to keeping the load-bearing walls, every detail will be considered with your budget in mind. All homes have quirks that can quickly drive a price up if you don’t design with a purpose or work with an experienced builder.

We’ll always strive to keep your expenses low, without compromising on value. For example, by keeping a top of the range stone top instead of moving a load-bearing wall. We’ll double check the pricing throughout the design and selections process to ensure we keep you on budget.

All of our home renovations are custom designed and built. So we’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements. This initial consultation will lay the foundation for a collaborative relationship. We’ll chat about your lifestyle, budget and the quirks of your house and how best to work with them, so we can deliver a custom renovation which is tailored to your family.

2Custom Proposal
Using the information gathered at our initial consultation, we’ll provide you with a custom proposal that details the best way to complete your renovation moving forward, including if a DA is required and how to ensure the design is kept to budget requirements.

3Council Approval
At this stage, we’ll get your renovation designs ready for council approval. Our designers will work with consultants such as town planners and interior designers to pull all the pieces of your project together. We’ll also provide transparent pricing indications to ensure you’re informed.

4Final Tender
We’ll send you a comprehensive, all-inclusive renovation specification and price for your consideration. Plus, we’ll also include some suggested money saving tips as part of our documentation. Upon your approval, we’ll start planning for construction.

Now the renovation fun begins! You’ll be allocated a Site Manager and an internal Construction Coordinator as your primary points of contact throughout the process. However, our founders and directors, Blake and Melanie, are only ever a phone call away. Our online portal will detail weekly updates and photographs of the construction, as well as contain digital sign-off for the important stuff like selection changes and variations.

6Let’s Celebrate!
Congratulations on the completion of your renovation. During the final handover, our founder and director, Blake, will conduct quality assurance checks to ensure your new renovation meets the LanCon standard before ensuring it meets yours. You can rest assured that what was promised will be delivered in full. We like to celebrate with a team inspection and some bubbly with our clients!